08 Dec

Urban Violence Episodes in Rio de Janeiro Go Viral and Prompt Debate on Security in the Country

Updated 15 de December, 2023 at 9:36 am

Weekly highlights include opposition to Flávio Dino at the Supreme Court and praise to Lula’s participation abroad


Major terms about Institutional Politics on X
Period: December 3 to 8 at 1pm

Source: X | Elaborated by: FGV ECMI


  • Flávio Dino remains a major player in the digital political debate, following a strong mobilization against his approval in the Senate. Several posts by congress representatives stood out in various platforms.


  • There was a positive highlight of Lula’s statements on climate issues at COP28, as well as his mediation in the context of the tensions between Venezuela and Guyana;


Conflict between demonstrators and the Military Police marks the privatization of Sabesp


  • The discussion about the conflicts between demonstrators opposing the privatization and police forces happened in parallel with the programmatic debate on the topic on social media. While supporters of the privatization and of the Tarcísio de Freitas administration responded to the “terrorists”, opponents claimed there was “authoritarianism” and “truculence”;


  • On December 6, there was a peak of 50,000 mentions to Tarcísio de Freitas, the highest volume recorded since July, after the Guarujá crisis.


“Copacabana Vigilantes” mobilize debate on urban violence in other Brazilian regions

  • A video in which hooded “vigilantes” attack a former convict suspected of theft went viral this week. Mentions to “Rio de Janeiro” in the political debate increased by 325% on X on December 6;


  • While some users made warnings about the risk of a civil war in Brazil, others defended the attitude and saw it as an expression of “indignation” in the face of urban violence. There was also circulation of more content related to the group, such as WhatsApp messages;


  • The seizure of 43,000 organized crime weapons in a Federal Police operation also prompted a discussion. In addition, a video stood out in which former Military Police officer Evandro Guedes allegedly downplayed the practice of necrophilia with women in a preparatory course for a public tender;


  • The episodes prompted a debate about the role of the State in the public security agenda.