27 May

Pro-government group mobilizes after Federal Police operation against fake news and has its highest presence in months

Investigations of bloggers and allies of the president prompt a large movement in his defense on Twitter, making the Bolsonaro support group reach 27% of the public debate in the country, the highest percentage since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic; on Facebook, Witzel stood out

Updated 8 de June, 2020 at 10:25 am

The right wing counterattacks: criticism of the Federal Police operation and mentions of an “STF dictatorship”
With the impact of the Federal Police operation this Wednesday (27) morning against several bloggers, entrepreneurs and influencers who support the government, the pro-Bolsonaro group considerably increased their presence in the general political debate on Twitter, mobilizing criticism especially of the Supreme Federal Court. The unified opposition group also gained space due to the Federal Police operation, but for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, the presence of the profiles on the network was lower (25%) than that of the Bolsonaro support group.

Right-wing channels lose space on Youtube after commenting about the Federal Police
Of the major digital platforms in the country, Youtube is usually where the right-wing influencers who support Bolsonaro have the highest proportional impact and predominance over other political groups. However, with their coverage of the Federal Police operations of the Rio de Janeiro State Government and fake news disseminators, the professional press was responsible for 18 of the 20 videos with the largest number of views.

On WhatsApp, a live by Allan dos Santos after subpoena goes viral; Witzel is absent
A live transmitted by blogger Allan dos Santos after the Federal Police subpoena in the morning of May 27 quickly became the third most shared Youtube video on WhatsApp during this week. The Federal Police investigation of Wilson Witzel, although a supposition, figured among the most shared videos last week; however, even after the execution of the operation this week, the topic did not reach a high level of repercussion and was surpassed by videos about the tensions between the minister Celso de Mello and the minister Augusto Heleno.


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