17 Apr

Pro-Bolsonaro group reorganizes itself on Twitter and gains space with anti-Mandetta movement, although still a minority

Opposition base, which joined a middle group last week in support of MaIn one week, the group supporting the government increased its presence from 12% to 16% in the debate about the coronavirus, prompting a change in sentiment about the former minister of Health on Twitter. The opposition group, which joined an intermediate group last week in supporting Mandetta, continues to have a stable participation in the discussionndetta, remains stable in the discussion

Updated 30 de April, 2020 at 9:59 am

Political profiles criticizing Bolsonaro remain together, but with no increase
The dismissal of Luiz Henrique Mandetta from the Ministry of Health led the fixed pro-Bolsonaro group to continue maintaining a single discourse on Twitter attacking the former minister, increasing their participation in the debate about the coronavirus since last week. In fact, the sentiment in favor of Mandetta, which was previously widely positive, changed since Monday (13). This happened mostly because the right-wing opposition group did not act in favor of maintaining minister in office, as this group had difficulties increasing their presence in the debate and maintained a regular volume of participation since the peak of 60% interactions last Tuesday (06), when the pro-Mandetta movement captured a relevant part of the intermediate base with no alignment;

General decrease in the debate about the pandemic
Since the beginning of April, there has been an average of 3 million mentions/day on Twitter in the general debate in the country about the coronavirus, with increasing participation of the polarized political groups — in March, there was an average of more than 4 million posts/day regarding the topic. The intermediate group, still close to 50% participation, continues to lose space in the general discussion, mostly due to the intensive actions of the Bolsonaro support group in defending the president’s performance during the crisis.

On WhatsApp, chloroquine and China are the main topics
Mentions to Mandetta are no longer the subject of the most shared links on WhatsApp since Monday (13).

Major topics inside the political groups in the app were the accusation that one of the medics who advised against the use of chloroquine was a “PT supporter”, and the increase in attacks against China with claims that the virus is a biological weapon.


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