15 Sep

Participation of attorneys and justices turns January 8 trial into social media spectacle

Mentions to Alexandre de Moraes increased by around 62% between September 13 and 14

Updated 26 de September, 2023 at 9:27 am

Mauro Cid’s statements stirred debates on Facebook and Twitter

Source: X and Facebook | Elaborated by: FGV ECMI


  • Mauro Cid’s statement prompted a celebratory tone among progressive profiles, with posts suggesting that Bolsonaro’s imprisonment is near. The group also made ironic remarks about Michelle Bolsonaro’s tears and criticized the persecution narrative employed by the right;
  • In turn, Bolsonaro’s allies and electors claimed that Cid was intimidated and provided an illegal statement.


Sensationalism by the defense and jokes about an argument between justices marked the debate about the January 8 trial at the Supreme Court

Source: X | Elaborated by: FGV ECMI


  • The trial of the first defendants related to the January 8 protests dominated the networks, with many users praising the attorney Sebastião Coelho for confronting the Supreme Court, as well as comments about the argument between Moraes and Mendonça;
  • Despite the unfavorable decisions for the defendants, users in WhatsApp groups turned the statements made by the defense attorneys into a spectacle, seeing the episode as “overwhelming”, “historic” and “an act of courage and heroism”;
  • In turn, progressive users commented on the argument between Alexandre de Moraes and André Mendonça, making jokes about the situation and praising Moraes for his combative stance. Moraes was a major figure in the debate, with mentions to the justice increasing by around 62% between September 13 and 14.


“Afonso Pilatos” and ‘Machiavelli’s The Little Prince’: attorney statements in the Supreme Court marked by blunders

  • In a tense trial, one of the defendants’ attorneys got confused and prompted jokes on social media. One of the blunders was attributing the quote ‘the end justify the means’ to the book The Little Prince, generating 35 thousand posts in two days.
  • In addition, the attorney attributed the quote ‘I wash my hands’ to ‘Afonso Pilatos’ (Pontius Pilate’s name is Pôncio Pilatos in Brazilian Portuguese). This also prompted jokes on social media, with almost 8 thousand mentions.