01 Dec

Opposition floods social media with criticism against Flávio Dino in the Supreme Court, but does not break its own bubble

Updated 28 de December, 2023 at 2:31 pm

Flávio Dino’s nomination to the Supreme Court prompts a new wave of attacks against the minister and moves pieces on the political board


Major terms about Institutional Politics on X
Period: November 27 to December 1 at 1pm

Source: X | Elaborated by: FGV ECMI


  • The number of individual mentions to the Supreme Court on X was 1,350,000. In addition, Dino had more than 900,000 mentions. The Attorney General’s Office and Paulo Gonet took a back seat;
  • Congress representatives, influencers and hyperpartisan media outlets spoke of a new “authoritarian risk to democracy” and attacked Dino on all platforms mapped, demanding that the Senate bars his nomination;
  • The positive reactions by Alexandre de Moraes and Gilmar Mendes stood out. Government supporters also celebrated Dino’s nomination as a strong “partner” for Alexandre de Moraes and discussed Dino’s future in politics;
  • In addition to this debate, but to a lower extent, the Supreme Court’s decision on the accountability of the press prompted criticism in different political sectors.


Lula’s international trip and COP 28 stand out positively for the president


  • Lula’s international trip has had positive repercussions on social media. Users praised his search for new investments and celebrated the drop in unemployment, surpassing the criticism regarding negotiations with Saudi Arabia.
  • Expectations for the country’s and the president’s protagonism at COP 28 also stood out. Lula’s speech prompted an increase of 50% in mentions to him at midday on Friday, December 1, including in international pages.


Legislative debate increases with upcoming parliamentary recess and movements anticipate disputes in 2024


Major posts made by congress representatives on Instagram
Period: November 27 to December 1 at 1pm


  • The request to create a “Supreme Court Inquiry” at the Chamber of Deputies prompted more than 250 posts by deputies on Facebook and Instagram, while Pacheco once again talked about planning the establishment of fixed mandates for the Court in 2024;
  • Opposition representatives achieved a high level of engagement in posts praising candidates supported by Jair Bolsonaro for 2024, such as Pazuello. Topics related to the elections also appeared in Pacheco’s statements about restricting re-election.