10 Jun

“New opposition” brings together political center, traditional left wing, youtubers and new anti-racism groups

Group which, at one point, represented more than 80% of the political debate with the escalation of the crises shares a critical opinion of the government and its performance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Protests on the weekends tend to increase the organization of groups both for and against the government

Updated 17 de June, 2020 at 10:29 am

Influencers stand out in the opposition to the government; in the political field, left wing surpasses the center
Analysis of the groups composing the political debate last week shows the central role played by digital influencers in three of the five major groups mobilized against the federal government. The youtubers Felipe Neto and Átila Iamarino stood out among the profiles criticizing the changes in the disclosure of Covid-19 data, and the comedian Whindersson Nunes mobilized profiles with no political alignment in comical tweets with criticism of the federal government. There was low engagement among the political actors, although the leaderships of left-wing parties such as the PSOL and the PT stood out.

Racial discussion surpasses political issues in the analysis of the public demonstrations in the country
The fight against racism guided the mobilization of at least two groups on twitter and was the topic of around 59% of the profiles engaged in the discussions about protests in the country. In addition to the black movement activism group – which reiterated the importance and legitimacy of anti-racism demonstrations in the world –, the group with no partisan alignment also called attention to the issues faced by the black population, including in Brazil. The debate was also marked by the dispute between anti-fascist demonstrations demanding the resignation of President Jair Bolsonaro and pro-government acts which claimed there were traces of terrorism in the demonstrations against the president.

On WhatsApp, discussion about a website accused of spreading fake news predominated; on Youtube, the mainstream press mobilized most of the engagement
The website Jornal da Cidade Online, accused of spreading fake news, published three of the five most shared links on WhatsApp. There was also a large volume of shares of a poll regarding the bill denominating “Antifa” groups as terrorism organizations.


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