06 Sep

Lula stood out in a negative way this week with cyclone in the Rio Grande do Sul state and statements about the Supreme Court

The opposition exploited the events and criticized the president

Updated 13 de September, 2023 at 2:44 pm

Cyclones in the Rio Grande do Sul state were the major topic this week and had an impact on national politics


Major terms about Institutional Politics on X (formerly Twitter)
Period: August 28 to September 01

Source: X | Elaborated by: FGV ECMI


  • An environmental disaster in Rio Grande do Sul dominated the weekly political debate, with strongly negative repercussions regarding Lula’s absence. The opposition stood out in the debate by exploiting the topic.
  • Comments made by Janja da Silva regarding Lula’s trip to the G20 meeting in India intensified the criticism targeting the couple, with users claiming they were “callous” and “inconsiderate” regarding the population of Rio Grande do Sul. The opposition also said Lula chose to “squander public funds” instead of showing solidarity;
  • Government allies did not stand out in the debate, despite posting governmental measures related to the crisis such as sending ministerial representatives and funds, as well as announcing Geraldo Alckmin’s visit to the region. Users compared any positive mention of Lula to actions taken by Jair Bolsonaro during his administration.
  • Regarding the September 7 holiday, government allies stood out over the week and celebrated the lack of bolsonarist demonstrations at the date. Publications made by the opposition stood out more among congress representatives, who spoke of the government’s “deterioration”.


Week’s events increase tensions involving Lula

  • The opposition exploited the negative repercussion of Lula’s statement about the Supreme Court’s secret vote, labeling the president an “enemy of freedom”. The group also made mentions to Lira’s criticism and retired Supreme Court justices;
  • Progressive users did not participate strongly in this discussion, but there were some negative comments, particularly in association with the climate of unease regarding the nomination of a substitute for Rosa Weber;
  • Lula’s statement about the secret vote and a mobilization around Gregório Duvivier prompted a peak of mentions to the Supreme Court on September 5. The debate continued to increase even more on September 6, with Toffoli’s statement about “miscarriage of justice” against Lula.


After dismissal of Ana Moser, government allies criticize Arthur Lira and the opposition celebrates the government’s “defeat”

  • Usually a lowlight on social media, Ana Moser was the second most mentioned minister in the debate about the federal government between September 4 and 9, behind only Flávio Dino;
  • When debating the topic, government allies lamented her dismissal, but justified it as a way to maintain governability and drove a mobilization for future elections for the Congress, blaming Arthur Lira. In turn, the opposition spoke of the government’s “defeat” and “incoherence”.
  • Mentions to André Fufuca as a potential substitute for the minister shook government allies, who strongly criticized the possibility.