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In the middle of the Covid-19 crisis, political debate surpasses mentions about health for 2 weeks

Despite the increase in the death toll in the past few days, the focus on the federal government and the exit of Mandetta and later Moro has surpassed health concerns since April 16

Updated 5 de June, 2020 at 2:09 pm

Days after Moro’s resignation, group aligned with the right wing stabilizes and recovers
In the political debate, after the beginning of a fragmentation over the weekend, the group aligned with the right wing on Twitter consolidated itself, representing 16% of the political debate on the social network. The attrition caused by Sergio Moro’s resignation from the government did not change the size of the group, which has recovered its internal coherence. After Moros resignation, Joice Hasselmann became the main target, with the disclosure of an audio file in which she supposedly requests the “Office of Hate” to create fake profiles. The opposition group, which encompasses profiles from the left wing until the center-right, criticized Bolsonaro’s statement about the Covid-19 death toll. 

Debate about health continues to focus on measures to resolve the COVID-19 crisis
The debate about health on Twitter has been focusing on the measures taken by the federal and state governments to try, on one hand, to control the spread of the novel coronavirus, and, on the other hand, to resolve the economic crisis caused by the pandemic. A large portion of the mentions are related to the tensions regarding strengthening the social isolation as a way to contain the outbreak ‒ a measure taken mostly by governors and mayors ‒  or loosening and quarantine in an effort to save companies and jobs, as defended by president Jair Bolsonaro (no party).

On WhatsApp, Moro’s resignation is associated with the Adélio Bispo case and conspiracies against the government
The most shared contents on WhatsApp reflected the attempt to reestablish the government’s support group after Moro’s resignation. Links and media sought to emphasize the president’s integrity, mentioning the omission and disloyalty demonstrated by the former minister of Justice and Public Security. Moro’s resignation fueled new conspiracy theories, reinforced in audio files recorded by the PTB national president, Roberto Jefferson.


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