01 Sep

Highlights of the weekly debate include the Temporal Mark and images of the January 8 protests

Supreme Court continues to stand out in the political debate with new trial

Updated 11 de September, 2023 at 9:15 am

Several topics dominate the week. Opposition mobilizes to recover the narrative around video recordings of the January 8 protests


Major terms about Institutional Politics on X (formerly Twitter)
Period: August 28 to September 1

Source: X | Elaborated by: FGV ECMI


  • The investigations involving the Bolsonaro family continued to be a topic of debate, with a predominance of criticism targeting the former president. Users also published recordings of Bolsonaro in Belo Horizonte, where he allegedly had a negative reception.
  • The mobilization of the bolsonarist opposition stood out by attempting to recover the narrative around the video recordings of the January 8 attacks, criticizing Flávio Dino’s statements about their deletion due to a contractual error. The group said the statements were “evidence” of the alleged involvement of the government in the attacks. In turn, they also made positive comments about the former president’s visit to Belo Horizonte.
  • Episodes involving the Chamber of Deputies also stood out on the platform. The repercussion of the meeting of the January 8 investigation committee among the bolsonarist opposition brought positive mentions to Federal Deputy Nikolas Ferreira; supporters praised him for putting former minister Gonçalves Dias “in his place”.
  • Among government allies, users praised the Federal Deputy Erika Hilton after a clash with Federal Deputy Cristiane Lopes (União-RO) at the Women’s Commission, bring the term “trans women” to the spotlight in the weekly debate.


Mobilization of indigenous peoples and expectations for Zanin’s vote stand out in the discussion on Supreme Court trial

Evolution of mentions to indigenous peoples on X
Period: August 28 to September 01

Source: X | Elaborated by: FGV ECMI


  • The Supreme Court continued to be a highlight in national politics. There were new expectations regarding Zanin’s vote in the new trial after controversies regarding previous votes and the stalemate on August 30. Zanin was the most mentioned Supreme Court justice this week, surpassing Alexandre de Moraes.
  • To a lesser degree, the Temporal Mark was also a topic of discussion. Its defenders stated once again that the Supreme Court is invading prerogatives of the Legislative Branch and said Zanin is “finally paying the bill” to the government.
  • The trial also dominated the debate about the environment on the platform: mentions related to indigenous peoples increased by around 420% between Augusto 29 and 30.


Budget for 2024 and positive numbers in the economy put the Federal Government under a favorable spotlight this week


  • The announcement of the budget proposal for 2024 and of new economic indicators contributed to an increase in favorable mentions to the Federal Government.
  • Government supporters dominated the debate, praising the proposal and mentioning the minimum wage increase above inflation, the GDP growth and the reduction in unemployment. The opposition targeted the budget proposal, painting the government as a “spender” within an administration that “will prove to be disastrous” for the Brazilian economy.