21 May

Enem postponing and death of teenager in Rio reorganized the political debate about Covid-19

After two months of intense division of the debate about the coronavirus and the political context, old topics in public policies return to the network. On WhatsApp, investigations of the Federal Police and the decision by the STF regarding Bolsonaro’s meeting mobilize link sharing

Updated 5 de June, 2020 at 1:59 pm

Opposition expands their space after Felipe Neto interview , Lula’s statement and public security
Since the beginning of the debate about the Covid-19, the group opposed to the federal government on Twitter increased their presence in the network after certain political events, such as the departure of former ministers Nelson Teich and Sergio Moro. However, this Tuesday (19), the opposition organized itself around different topics and not a single theme for the first time: the youtuber Felipe Neto returned to the group after an interview for the program “Roda Viva”; former president Lula’s statement about the pandemic was strongly criticized by both the right and left wings; and the death of a teenage boy named João Pedro during a police operation in Rio de Janeiro rekindled the discussion on public security and social inequality.

Enem and Regian Duarte expand the influence of public education in the debate
The opposition also positively discussed the pressure for postponing the Enem, which was confirmed by the federal government this Wednesday. Together with an ongoing debate about the future of Regina Duarte in the federal government (the actress left the Special Secretariat for Culture this Wednesday), the topic mobilized the topic of educations on the social networks, reaching an all-time peak of mentions since the beginning of the discussion around the pandemic in the country.

On WhatsApp, links about the Federal Police and the STF mention Witzel and Bolsoanro
Links shared in political groups on the platform emphasized the Federal Police investigations about the Rio de Janeiro State Government and the analysis of the video of the ministerial meeting on April 22 but the STF minister Celso de Mello. The videos about Witzel obtained more organic reach; the links about Bolsonaro were mobilized by fewer users. There are also differences regarding the audience obtained on Youtube, with almost 500 thousand views in the videos about Witzel and few more than 120 thousand in the videos about Bolsonaro.


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