22 Sep

Economy shakes, but positive reception of Lula’s discourse at the UN stands out this week

Luísa Sonza’s case goes viral and prompts comments on relationships

Updated 2 de October, 2023 at 9:11 am

Positive reception of Lula’s discourse at the UN stands out this week


Major topics in the weekly political debate on X (formerly Twitter)
Period: September 18 to 22 at 4pm

Source: X | Elaborated by: FGV ECMI


  • Lula’s discourse at the opening of the UN General Assembly was the major topic in the weekly debate on Institutional Politics. Users praised the president, highlighting the ovation he received and the “civilizing” and “statesmanlike” tone of his discourse. There was a peak of daily mentions to Lula on September 19, with an increase of 25% compared to September 18.
  • However, digital influencers and congress representatives associated with the opposition obtained a larger highlight, speaking of “national shame” and rejecting negative mentions to the “global far right”. Users in the opposition also mentioned expenses with the federal government payment card.


Economy shakes: opposition explores opinion indicators

Major posts made by congress representatives about the topic on Facebook and Instagram
Period: September 18 to 22 at 4pm

Source: Facebook and Instagram | Elaborated by: FGV ECMI


  • A partisan portion of the users in the debate strongly exploited the lowlights of the Federal Government. Although ordinary citizens did not discuss the topic at length, the constant adjustments in fuel prices and tax increases in some sectors prompted dissatisfaction in a secondary part of the discussion;
  • The opposition exploited data such as the percentage drop in optimism about the future of the economy (Datafolha) and the reduction in Haddad’s approval by the market (Genial/Quaest) throughout the week. This group sought to spark tension and mobilize talk of “ending the economic farce”, mentioning recent positive data regarding former minister Paulo Guedes;
  • Government supporters praised the new GDP growth forecast and the commitments made within the scope of decent work.


Luísa Sonza’s case goes viral and prompts discussion on romantic relationships

  • The exposal of an infidelity case involving Chico Moedas in his relationship with singer Luísa Sonza prompted a peak of 550,000 mentions to the former couple on September 20. There was criticism of Chico, support for Luísa, as well as memes and jokes, which predominated in the discussion;
  • Key players in national politics made jokes about the case. The topic also prompted opinions about monogamy, public exposure of romantic relationships, and the reactions of social media users to the case.