15 Dec

Dino’s Approval for the Supreme Court Becomes a Key Event in a Week with Victories and Defeats of the Government

Updated 28 de December, 2023 at 2:56 pm

The mobilizations against Dino on social media did not affect the vote, but called public attention to his mandate in the Supreme Court


Major terms in the weekly political debate on X (formerly Twitter)
Period: September 18 to 22 at 4pm

Evolution of mentions to Flávio Dino on X (formerly Twitter)

Source: X | Elaborated by: FGV ECMI


  • With a daily volume of 420,000 posts, December 13 became the highest historical peak of mentions to the minister on X, surpassing the previous records by far – his nomination to the Supreme Court and January 8.
  • In a change in the previous pattern, posts favoring Dino reached more engagement starting on December 13. On Friday, there was an increase in criticism of Lula’s statement about “a communist in the Supreme Court”.
  • Statements made by senators also stood out on December 13. After an average of 13 daily posts between November 27 and December 12, there were 53 posts on December 13 only, mobilizing 20 senators who had not posted before.
  • Opposition senators used the opportunity to announce portions of Dino’s questioning, confirming the critical tone of previous posts.


Milei’s inauguration excited Bolsonaro’s allies in the beginning of the week; however, the topic died down with criticism towards the new president and Bolsonaro


Evolution of engagement and mentions to Milei’s inauguration on X (formerly Twitter)
Period: December 9 to 15
Log scale graph

Source: X | Elaborated by: FGV ECMI


  • At the beginning of the week, celebrations by Bolsonaro supporters led to a positive impact regarding the ceremony. Users used the image to legitimize an alleged authority and popularity of the former president and former first lady;
  • On that date, the show of strength by the Bolsonaro’s allies largely surpassed the narrative by government supporters focusing of the former president’s “isolation”.
  • However, the volume of posts and interactions reduced drastically over the week, dropping by almost 100%. The jokes about Bolsonaro’s rejection from the official photo and the criticism of Milei’s first measures stood out in the sparse ongoing debate on the topic.


Criticized by both the left and the right, Moro ends his week at a low


  • Mentions to Sergio Moro on X increased by more than 600% between December 12 and 14, prompted by a request for his impeachment by the Federal Prosecution Office, criticism of an alleged vote in favor of Dino in his questioning, and jokes about obedience to an advisor nicknamed “Mestrão”.