30 Jun

Decision for Jair Bolsonaro’s ineligibility wraps up week with intense debate on social media

Updated 17 de August, 2023 at 9:08 am

🔥 Rising: Users celebrating Jair Bolsonaro’s ineligibility dominated social media on June 30, after a week of strong political debate about the topic. Pro-government representatives stood out even on Facebook;
🧊 Declining: Bolsonaro’s supporters lost strength in the weekly political debate; terms related to claims of political persecution were not significant compared to the celebrations;
⚔️ Disputed: The opposition to the government criticized Lula’s participation in the São Paulo and his statement about the concept of democracy. The group also criticized the decision by the Federal Prosecution Office regarding the media outlet Jovem Pan;
👀 Open topics: Gustavo Gayer’s statements about the ‘cognitive ability of African people’ prompted users on the platform (mostly progressive profiles) to demonstrate their disapproval and demand his disqualification. The case is now under investigation;


Political debate on Twitter

Major topics in the weekly political debate on Twitter
Period: June 26 to 30 at 5pm

Source: Twitter | Elaborated by: School of Communication, Media and Information at FGV


  • The trial of the former president at the Superior Electoral Court remained the major topic in the political debate throughout the week, particularly after the final decision for his ineligibility. The sessions of June 27, 29 and 30 drove the discussion on social media, with comments by ordinary users, influencers, journalists and politicians, who provided different views on how each minister voted and on the meaning of the Court’s decision;
  • On June 30, many comments celebrated the decision and stood out in the debate, consolidating the ideas that “Bolsonaro is already ineligible” and “out of politics” until 2023. Users also posted their views on what the decision meant, indicating that it did not end the ‘far right’, but it is meaningful because ‘we are officially free from Bolsonaro until 2030’;
  • Bolsonaro’s supporters were less representative among the most frequent terms on that day, but also commented on the final decision. They reinforced the idea that the trial was political, biased and unsurprising, claiming that Bolsonaro had already lost from the start. They also emphasized his ‘popular support’;
  • Topics correlated to the trial also stood out in the weekly debate. One example were the mentions related to the electronic voting machines. Bolsonaro’s supporters remembered statements made by the now-Minister Carlos Lupi (PDT), claiming he supported printed voting, without which ‘fraud reigns’;
  • Another highlight in the week involved the mobilization of right-wing profiles against the decision by the Federal Prosecution Office to cancel the concession of three broadcasting licenses for the media outlet Jovem Pan. The decision was seen by the group as a ‘termination’ and ‘censorship’ of the outlet by a part of the ‘Lula administration’. Other users depended the decision of the Federal Prosecution Office, claiming that Jovem Pan violated laws.