07 May

Debate about the novel coronavirus recognizes the importance of the quarantine

Even as the death toll forces more strict isolation measures in some states, the focus on political issues continues to be higher than on health concerns

Updated 5 de June, 2020 at 2:00 pm

With no swings, the debate about health tries to deal with the effects of the quarantine
On Twitter, the debate about health issues is divided into complaints about the physical distancing from family members and friends, which is necessary to control the CODVID-19 pandemic, and creativity in finding ways to reduce the difficulties caused by the crisis. People risking themselves breaking the quarantine or sharing fake news regarding the pandemic represent the main concerns in this portion of the debate.

Group aligned with the right wing reunites and discredits Moro’s testimonial to the Federal Police
Having recovered their cohesion after the rupture between Sergio Moro and Jair Bolsonaro, the group aligned with the right wing on Twitter represents a little over 14% of the political debate on the network. Distancing itself from Moro, this group is now concentrated in a dense core. The new targets of these profiles are the claims made by the former minister in his testimony to the Federal police about a so called interference by the president with the Federal Police in Rio de Janeiro. Representing 28% of the political debate, the opposition group, with left-wing and center profiles, sees in Moro’s testimonial reasons to question Bolsonaro’s conduct and further his impeachment.

On WhatsApp, Bolsonaro’s statement and fake news about COVID-19 stand out
Bolsonaro’s statement in the demonstrations last Sunday was present among the major Youtube links shared on WhatsApp. Three videos shared news classified as false by verification vehicles (Pará Government hides chloroquine; Autopsies in Italy; and Adélio Bispo has Covid-19). Other highlights were a live recorded by the biologist Átila Iamarino, who defends social isolation, and a video which was removed for violating the Youtube guidelines.


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