20 Oct

Conflict between Israel and Palestine continues to stand out in the debate on Brazilian politics

Updated 25 de October, 2023 at 9:24 am

Conflict between Israel and Palestine affects national politics


Major terms about Institutional Politics on X
Period: October 16 to 20 at 1pm

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  • The veto of the Brazilian resolution at the UN and other government actions after the attack prompted 539 thousand posts about the conflict in the debate about Institutional Policy on X.
  • While the opposition explored the rejection of the resolution at the UN, claiming it was an “international humiliation”, center and left-wing profiles criticized the stance of the United States and valued Brazil’s leading role in trying to reach an agreement for a ceasefire.
  • The topic prompted a high volume of publications among Brazilian congress representatives. With the opposition playing a leading role in terms of engagement, the posts had a negative view of the stance of political players linked to the Federal Government.


Report prepared by the January 8 committee ends investigation and prompts discussion


Major posts about the January 8 investigation committee on Instagram
Period: October 16 to 20 at 1pm

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  • The approval of the Final Report on October 17 prompted the highest peak in daily mentions to Senator Eliziane Gama this year, both among the general public (92 thousand on X) and among congress representatives (92 on Facebook and 27 on Instagram);
  • In a tone of defeat, Bolsonarists called the investigation committee a “circus” set up by allies of Lula and Flávio Dino to incriminate Bolsonaro “without evidence”. Representatives supporting the government in congress highlighted that the end of the investigation is the beginning of a “full stop” to a sad episode in national politics.
  • In the context of inconclusive investigations, such as the Americanas and the MST committees, the approval of the report calling for the indictment of Jair Bolsonaro consolidates the government’s success in reversing the initial expectations of opposition representatives when creating the commission.


Advertising partnership between Felipe Neto and chocolate brand falls under the spotlight of national polarization


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Period: October 17

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  • Supporters of Jair Bolsonaro promoted a boycott against the chocolate brand Bis after the announcement of a partnership with influencer Felipe Neto. Critics of the former president made jokes about the “priorities of the right-wing”;
  • In the debate on Institutional Policy, the topic prompted more than 50,000 posts on October 15.