03 Mar

Campaign for vetoing the mandatory spending increases pressure on Congress in the social networks

Theme adds almost 300 thousand mentions on Twitter, in a polarized debate with a predominance of groups on the right

Updated 9 de March, 2020 at 5:00 pm

Since Saturday (28), there has been an increase in the digital mobilization of right-wing, pro-government groups for maintaining the #Veto52, with demands for representatives, criticism of the funding for congressional amendments, and the organization of pro-government demonstrations scheduled for March 15

The campaign for hashtags
There have been more than 300 thousand mentions on Twitter about the topic, in a divided debate with the predominance of right-wing groups – more than 70% of tweets. The movement is organized around pro-government deputies and influencers and hashtags, the most important of which is #veto52simaberto (86 thousand times);

1 million interactions on Facebook
More than 1.2 thousand links about the topic were shared in one week, with more than 1 million interactions. Pro-government websites widely dominate the links with the most repercussion – the most important one is about the convocation made by the Secretary of Culture, Regina Duarte, to the protests on March 15;

The digital participation of the Congress
The representatives with the highest impact when debating the mandatory spending were the digital influencers of the pro-government support groups. On Youtube, Carla Zambelli stood out.

29%: Percentage of mentions about the mandatory spending including the pro-government hashtag #veto52simaberto, the most important one in the debate about the topic this week


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