15 Dec

Dino’s Approval for the Supreme Court Becomes a Key Event in a Week with Victories and Defeats of the Government

01 Dec

Opposition floods social media with criticism against Flávio Dino in the Supreme Court, but does not break its own bubble

11 Dec

Right Wing Highlights Bolsonaro and Michelle as the Protagonists of Milei’s Inauguration on Social Media

08 Dec

Urban Violence Episodes in Rio de Janeiro Go Viral and Prompt Debate on Security in the Country

24 Nov

Dispute at the Senate and Death of January 8 Convict Increase Debate about the Supreme Court

23 Nov

Election in Argentina fuels debate on fraud and accusations of Lula’s interference

11 Nov

Bolsonaro’s Meeting with Israeli Ambassador and Positive Repercussions of the Approval of the Tax Reform Compete for Attention on Social Media

27 Oct

Attack in Rio de Janeiro and Change in Leadership at Caixa Econômica Federal Prompt Debate on the Executive and Legislative

23 Oct

Election in Argentina fuels debate on fraud and accusations of Lula’s interference

20 Oct

Conflict between Israel and Palestine continues to stand out in the debate on Brazilian politics

06 Oct

Violent incidents, subway workers’ strike and Ministry of Health event stand out in opposition debate to weaken the government

22 Sep

Economy shakes, but positive reception of Lula’s discourse at the UN stands out this week

15 Sep

Participation of attorneys and justices turns January 8 trial into social media spectacle

06 Sep

Lula stood out in a negative way this week with cyclone in the Rio Grande do Sul state and statements about the Supreme Court

01 Sep

Highlights of the weekly debate include the Temporal Mark and images of the January 8 protests

15 Aug

In dispute for Bolsonaro’s succession, Tarcísio de Freitas highlights his work in São Paulo while Michelle and Flávio Bolsonaro use the former president’s image for support

28 Aug

Discussions on union tax and BRICS become weapons of the opposition against the government with Bolsonaro at the center of the weekly debate

18 Aug

Investigations involving Jair Bolsonaro advance and prompt new peak of mentions to the former president

11 Aug

Investigations involving Jair Bolsonaro dominate the weekly debate

02 Aug

Debate on police operation seen as victory for governor of São Paulo on social media

04 Aug

Police operations predominate in the political debate in the first week after the parliamentary recess

28 Jul

Marielle Franco case resurfaces in political debate between government and opposition

21 Jul

With victories and pressure, economy topics stands out in the debate about the federal government

21 Jul

With victories and pressure, economy topics stands out in the debate about the federal government

14 Jul

Mauro Cid’s participation in January 8 investigation committee mobilizes pro-government representatives after approval of tax reform

07 Jul

Jair Bolsonaro shows strength on social media after Tax Reform defeat

29 Jun

Debate on São Paulo Development Plan appears balanced, but groups favoring the project predominate on Twitter

30 Jun

Decision for Jair Bolsonaro’s ineligibility wraps up week with intense debate on social media

29 Jun

Bolsonaro supporters claim Electoral Court ministers are biased and prepare to challenge the former president’s ineligibility

30 Jun

Bolsonaro’s ineligibility is celebrated by progressive field while supporters of the former president lose strength on social media

22 Jun

Bolsonaro’s supporters attempt to downplay Electoral Court trial and focus on persecution narrative

17 Jun

Investigations and threats of change in ministries mark political week

08 Jun

Beginning of the January 8 inquiry is marked by accusations and dispute for space

02 Jun

With focus on Arthur Lira in the digital debate, dispute between the Executive and Legislative branches reaches highest level of tension since beginning of the government

26 May

Environmental debate generates institutional discomfort and conflict between government and digital support group

05 May

Bolsonaro’s support group doubles down on negationist strategy, but opposition to Bolsonaro dominates debate on vaccine fraud

12 May

Lawsuits filed against Telegram and Google drive the opposition in debate about Fake News Bill

19 May

Drop in fuel prices and impeachment of Deltan Dallagnol marked a positive week for the left on networks

29 Apr

Government support group mobilizes support for Inquiry Commission and disputes the narrative about January 8

03 Apr

Tax framework proposal announced by Fernando Haddad increases economy debate and prompts both criticism and praise

24 Mar

Opposition dominates debate on attack plan against Moro and reactions to Lula’s statement deteriorate the government

20 Mar

Opposition encourages inquiry on the events of January 8 and accuses Lula of corruption and bribery, while left ignores debate

01 Feb

How a dead military officer brought denialism to the digital debate on Yanomami malnutrition

26 Jan

Bolsonaro is blamed for crisis in Yanomami territory and supporters associate the case with Venezuelans

13 Jan

Posts made by former president Jair Bolsonaro after the elections

08 Dec

World Cup 2022 expands discussion on human rights on Twitter

25 Nov

In Brazil, debate about climate emergency at COP27 is ‘hijacked’ by the political discussion and Lula’s presence

31 Oct

While the left celebrates, truck drivers’ blockades mobilize the group aligned with Bolsonaro

28 Oct

Fierce battle for protagonism on networks, isolation of the pro-Bolsonaro group, and the third way’s support of Lula mark the second round

24 Oct

Roberto Jefferson’s shots against the Federal Police drive the debate about security and prompt criticism against Bolsonaro

26 Oct

Bot activity is ‘extremely high’ in the elections, and increased as the second round approached, specialist says

26 Oct

“Bubblenaro”: 97% of the interactions from Bolsonaro supporters on social networks happen inside their own bubble

26 Oct

The topics about the Northeast that dominated the networks in the final stretch of the elections

14 Oct

Religion stands out in the electoral debate after President Bolsonaro’s visit to the Basilica of Aparecida

20 Sep

Left-wing group grows and Lula narrows the distance from Bolsonaro in volume of interactions on digital platforms

27 Sep

Lula’s and Bolsonaro’s campaigns have different tones and directions regarding women’s votes

30 Sep

On Twitter, Padre Kelmon outshines leading candidates in electoral polls during the last presidential debate on Globo

11 Oct

Black Coalition for Rights strengthens anti-racism vote in the São Paulo suburbs

09 Oct

Xenophobia takes over the networks after the 1st round with more than 2 million tweets mentioning the Northeast

30 Sep

First round brings a decrease in Bolsonaro’s hegemony on social networks and a fierce battle with Lula

01 Oct

On the eve of election day, Lula consolidates non-aligned supporters and shows advantage

02 Oct

Voting day is marked by balance between support fields for Lula and Bolsonaro

03 Oct

After parity with Lula’s base, ruling group coordinates again on Twitter heading to 2nd round

03 Oct

National debates involving MT did not leave the ‘bubbles’ in this election, but the right wing had more reach with “agrofascist”

01 Oct

Last electoral debate brought record engagement on indigenous profiles on Twitter

30 Sep

On social networks, Ciro Gomes gets closer to bolsonarism with anti-PT and violent speech

30 Sep

Presidential candidates change tone on Twitter and soften statements against demarcation of indigenous lands

25 Sep

Senate candidates do not excite the networks and Twitter forgets Ana Amélia

23 Sep

Find out what the government candidates in the Northeast are saying on Twitter

14 Sep

Verbal aggression against Vera Magalhães dominates the electoral debate in SP; Cláudio Castro criticized by the two political fields in RJ

09 Sep

Tweets about murder case of Lula’s supporter in Confresa had ‘peak’ at 2 p.m. and ex-president’s post was the most republished

14 Sep

‘Silence suggests it was poorly received’: Pro-Bolsonaro groups ignored ‘imbrochável’ on Twitter

10 Sep

“Which women are these?”: sociologist analyzes Lula and Bolsonaro’s proposals for gender issues

01 Sep

Study about electoral advertising on social networks focuses on campaign transparency

06 Sep

Amazon is a debate of the elections, but the Southeast centralizes repercussion

04 Sep

Why so much anger towards women?’: 1st debate fosters gender discussion on Twitter

27 Aug

In a week of interviews, Lula’s support group corresponds to more than 64% of the profiles on Twitter

01 Sep

Debate expands reach of the third way and places sexism at the center of the electoral discussion

20 Aug

Bolsonaro and Lula are in a fierce battle for profiles on Twitter

05 Aug

Letters for democracy reach Bolsonaro’s support group, which reacts with irony and discredit

26 Jul

Is the new Chilean Constitution similar to the Bolivian CPE? The trend on social networks

29 Jul

Left-wing widens its lead with more than 53% of the profiles in the debate about presidential hopefuls in July

21 Jul

Amid scandals and conspiracies, presidential hopefuls are strongly associated with violence and crime in the digital debate

08 Jul

Pro-Lula and pro-Bolsonaro groups on Whatsapp are marked by attacks against the opposition

13 Jul

With 1.42 million tweets, debate about presidential hopefuls focuses on the murder of a PT supporter by a Bolsonaro supporter

08 Jul

“Kamikaz Bill” hardens the debate and lights an alert on fiscal and institutional risk

02 Jul

Bolsonaro and Lula use emotional content as a strategy to mobilize users on social networks

14 Jun

In two months, the effect of inflation in the food consumption of Brazilians accounted for 335 thousand tweets

28 Jun

Debate about abortion on Twitter reaches almost 1.5 million mentions with a child rape episode in Santa Catarina

20 Jun

Lynching and sexual violence against children spark outrage in Bolivia

22 Jun

Gustavo Petro’s victory stirs the left and worries Bolsonaro’s supporters

15 Jun

Whose fault is it? Issues and their culprits in economic topics in tweets by presidential candidates

10 Jun

Economy predominates the debate in a week of pressure on the government to search for missing journalist and indigenous expert

09 Jun

Price control measures drive the debate on inflation and fuel to its highest volume since May

02 Jun

Security and economy dominate the electoral debate; Musk’s visit drives environmental debate among government supporters

31 May

Despite Hernández’s surprise, Petro’s campaign still dominates the digital debate on Twitter

20 May

TikTok is part of the dispute for visibility of political campaigns in the presidential race

24 May

Fico, the promise of change in Colombian politics, was not able to surpass Petro’s engagement on Twitter

12 May

Lula launches his pre-campaign and increases interactions, but Bolsonaro maintains a good performance on social networks

13 May

The Chilean news story that caused Bolivian police officers to be fired

29 Apr

Bolsonaro and Lula use “lacres”, memes and irony to increase engagement

26 Apr

Sudden increase in Twitter followers draws attentions after purchase of the platform by Elon Musk

22 Apr

The statement that Lima never made, but has been attributed to him since before he was minister

18 Apr

Arce and Evo on Twitter: the pendulum between governance and political alignment

07 Apr

Lula on the move again on social networks; Bolsonaro loses advantage on Twitter and Instagram

17 Mar

The burden of crisis: fuel price adjustment puts government in the defensive

21 Mar

More than half a million profiles commented about the Telegram block in Brazil, with a predominance of the government support group

10 Mar

Bolsonaro’s profile consolidates leadership in interactions on three platforms in 2022, but opposition groups are more numerous on Twitter

03 Mar

A journalist and a deputy led the digital debate on the Las Londras case

04 Mar

Cyber war and absence of actors from institutional politics mark the debate about Russia and Ukraine on Twitter in Brazil

10 Feb

Leak of a confidential Federal Police investigation generates strong association of Bolsonaro with the security topic on Twitter

26 Jan

With a favorable majority, child vaccination were the topic of more than 700 thousand mentions on Twitter in two weeks

22 Jan

Bolsonaro’s hospitalization increases interactions and helps recover space compared to other pre-candidates

17 Jan

A controversial topic on Twitter, child vaccination accounts for 270 thousand posts on the platform in one week

25 Jan

The week of the Constituent Convention on social networks (20-24/12)

24 Dec

Child vaccination brings together the left, the center-right and groups with no political alignment against the government

23 Dec

Bolsonaro loses advantage to Lula and Ciro Gomes on Twitter and YouTube and sees his digital lead threatened for the first time

21 Dec

The week of the constituent convention on social networks (13-17/12)

11 Dec

The week of the Constituent Convention on social networks (6-10/12)

04 Dec

The week of the Constituent Convention on social networks (29.11 – 03.12)

04 Dec

Lula’s Podpah interview generates more than 3.4 million views on YouTube and more than 300 thousand mentions on Twitter

27 Nov

The week of the Constituent Convention on social networks (22-26.11)

16 Nov

The week of the Constituent Convention on social networks (8-12/11)

13 Nov

Daniel Ortega becomes the “supreme troll” of left-wing social networks in Latin America

09 Nov

The battle on social networks: #YoNoBotoMiVoto vs. #EleccionesSoberanas2021

30 Oct

Abortion with impunity and the Church: the debate in networks on the case of a pregnant girl after rape

30 Oct

The week of the Constituent Convention on social networks (15-29/10)

25 Nov

From “Mexico is worse than Spain” to “PRI, don’t sell off”, that is the state of the digital debate about the energy reform

19 Oct

Mentions to presidential candidates on Facebook consolidate social polarization between Lula and Bolsonaro and lack of a “third way”

15 Oct

The week of the constituent convention on social networks (October 11 to 14)

17 Oct

Gelatins, raffles and misinformation: the statement Alanes never gave

06 Oct

The wiphalazo on Twitter

04 Oct

The week of the Constituent Convention on social networks (September 20 to October 1st)

18 Sep

The week of the Constituent Convention on social networks (September 13 to 16)

22 Sep

Bolsonaro’s participation at the UN General Assembly in New York mobilizes 1 million tweets in just over 36 hours

13 Sep

The week of the constituent convention on social networks

30 Aug

The week of the constituent convention on social networks

17 Jul

The digital debate about the creation of commissions, the health protocol and detention of constitutional delegates

06 Jul

The digital debate about the opening ceremony and the table election

03 Jul

The digital debate around the electoral campaign begins

06 Jul

Protests on July 3rd (#3j) were the target of accusations of vandalism on networks and reached 1.16 million tweets

29 Jun

The tension on social networks on the week before the start of the Convention

28 Jun

The presidential decree for the first session of the Constituent Convention on Twitter

22 Jun

The declaration of the 34 marked the week on Twitter

18 Jun

In 6 million tweets, there were more than 500 thousand mentions to deaths by Covid-19

09 Jun

Attacks against third-way candidates surpass supportive mentions on Twitter

28 May

Covid inquiry increases digital engagement of senators on Twitter

20 May

Debate about the Covid inquiry on Twitter is agitated by the government support group and reaches more than 10 million mentions

13 May

Police operation at Jacarezinho strengthens discourse of pro-government profiles, which dominate the digital debate

07 May

Government support group still dominates the digital debate in the first week of the Covid inquiry; however, opposition shows more engagement among congress representatives

29 May

Bolsonaro accounts for 58& of the interactions in posts about presidential candidates; Twitter is the most balanced network in terms of potential candidates

09 Apr

Bolsonaro leads on Every Network and Preserves His Support on Twitter; Lula Mobilizes Opposition, Which, Together, Surpasses the President’s Support Group

31 Mar

Changes in government increase isolation of President Bolsonaro’s support group on the social networks

31 Jan

Support for Arthur Lira predominates on social networks; group supporting Baleia Rossi mobilizes vaccination topic

21 Jan

Trump’s departure increases pressure on a new arrangement of the Brazilian foreign policy

15 Jan

Health system collapse in Manaus mobilizes artists and influencers and isolates support for the government on networks

07 Dec

Performance of Left-Wing Parties and Isolation Measures Are Topics on Social Media During an Election Marked by Victories of Center Parties

26 Nov

Center Becomes an Option in the Municipal Elections with a Strong Presence of the Left Wing on Twitter

25 Nov

New Wave of Covid-19 Leads the Concerns in São Paulo on Twitter; Topic of Public Security Rises in the Debate in Rio

25 Nov

In Rio, the Union Between the Center and Left Wings Isolates the Right on Social Media

19 Nov

Although Covas and Paes are in the lead, performance of the left wing mobilizes debate about the second round of the elections on Twitter

17 Nov

São Paulo and suspicions of fraud dictate the direction of the debate about the first round of the municipal elections on Twitter

13 Nov

Alignment of candidates with the federal government plays a big role in the debate about the 2020 municipal elections on Twitter

11 Nov

Bots were active in the debate about the elections in Rio; Paes and Marta Rocha were the main targets of digital attacks

05 Nov

Emergency aid and the privatization of the SUS predominate in the economic debate on the networks

04 Nov

Brazilian polarization reflects Trump vs. Biden opposition as expectations grow around US election result

28 Oct

As the elections approach, “Chinese” vaccine becomes the focus of political polarization on the internet

21 Oct

Digital participation of Evangelical influencers predominates on Instagram and Youtube, but with no support for a particular candidate

23 Jul

FGV DAPP and Linterna Verde hold webinar on campaigns and actions by political parties, misinformation and coordinated actions

24 Jun

As Brazil reaches 1 million infected, stories of family members of victims increase on Facebook

10 Jun

“New opposition” brings together political center, traditional left wing, youtubers and new anti-racism groups

03 Jun

After gaining space with ministerial meeting video, pro-government group falls back down to 14% of presence on the network

01 Jun

On a Sunday of protests, 81.5% of the profiles engaged in the political debate on Twitter were critical of the right

27 May

Pro-government group mobilizes after Federal Police operation against fake news and has its highest presence in months

25 May

Over the weekend, the pro-government base gains space and intensifies digital actions in defense of Weintraub and in opposition to the STF

21 May

Enem postponing and death of teenager in Rio reorganized the political debate about Covid-19

14 May

Despite the increase in Covid-19 cases and its death toll in Brazil, the political scenario gains space in the debate

07 May

Debate about the novel coronavirus recognizes the importance of the quarantine

30 Apr

In the middle of the Covid-19 crisis, political debate surpasses mentions about health for 2 weeks

27 Apr

Director of FGV DAPP participates in Atlantic Council webinar to talk about misinformation in the context of the coronavirus

24 Apr

Sergio Moro’s resignation was disapproved by 70% of profiles and divided the right-wing group on Twitter

17 Apr

Pro-Bolsonaro group reorganizes itself on Twitter and gains space with anti-Mandetta movement, although still a minority

12 Apr

Network analysis: measures against the pandemic worry more than its economic impact

08 Apr

Support for Mandetta mobilizes 60% of the political debate, five times more than the president’s support group on Twitter

06 Apr

Members of the Chinese community were the first to be discriminated against by the new coronavirus

03 Apr

The debate about the coronavirus became polarized between the wealthy and the poor

03 Apr

The debate about the coronavirus became polarized between the wealthy and the poor

31 Mar

In the fight between health and economy, the fear of the health impact on the country has prevailed, despite the pro-government group

25 Mar

Bolsonaro’s statement unites the opposition on the networks against him

20 Mar

#Yomequedoencasa, the most used hash on Twitter about the mandatory isolation by the coronavirus

19 Mar

Coronavirus: the most shared tweets criticize those who do not prevent

21 Mar

The prevention conversation came on time. We wash our hands?

23 Mar

Twitter is the network in which representatives from center parties reached the most protagonism in the debate about Covid-19

21 Mar

Pro-Bolsonaro group mobilizes defense of the president’s son in diplomatic tensions with China on Twitter

14 Mar

Seven out of ten messages on Twitter about the Covid-19 are irrelevant or increase fear in Peru

18 Mar

Brazil has 12.7 million tweets about the coronavirus since Thursday (12), and pro-Bolsonaro group loses half its participation on the network

10 Mar

Digital mobilization for the #15m loses traction since February on Twitter and places Maia as the central target

06 Mar

Coronavirus: two pieces of disinformation regarding Marcelo Tinelli and Federico Bal become viral

03 Mar

Campaign for vetoing the mandatory spending increases pressure on Congress in the social networks

28 Feb

Coronavirus: first confirmed case in Brazil causes a new epidemic of debate (and fear) on the networks

28 Feb

Debate about 15M on the social networks explodes after Bolsonaro shares message

28 Feb

Conservative activists generated on third of the debate on Twitter about the Solsiret Rodríguez case

19 Feb

Del Caño’s picture hugging his brother generated disinformation and homophobic comments on the web

29 Jan

Frepap’s new leap: from a slow campaign to a whirlwind on the social networks

10 Feb

Sala de Democracia enters a new phase by placing analyzes on the main vehicles in Brazil

29 Jan

The tenuous line between humor and misinformation on the networks

25 Jan

2020 Elections: Report against Daniel Mora caused the biggest gender violence controversy on Twitter

01 Feb

Number of videos about the coronavirus in Portuguese on Youtube triples in 4 days with a 500% increase

03 Feb

Brazilians on Twitter see only Bernie Sanders as a candidate in the Democratic primaries

30 Jan

Pressed by the impeachment, Trump tweets three times more than in the rest of his mandate

10 Jan

#DebateEnRedes: How the first month of Alberto Fernández as president was reflected on the networks

09 Jan

#DebateEnRedes: Concern with the Australian fauna was the main topic in more than 2 million tweets around the world

19 Jan

The party Solidaridad Nacional attracted attention on social networks with attacks and disinformation about gender

21 Dec

On Facebook, Brazil is the protagonist in the debate about the elections in Uruguay, which were also mentioned in 3 million tweets in Portuguese and Spanish

21 Dec

Political whirlwind puts Bolivia in the spotlight of the debate in Spanish on Twitter

08 Jan

#DebateEnRedes: Susana Giménez talked about poverty and the opinions about the topic divided the conversation on Twitter

06 Jan

#DebateEnRedes: With almost 14 million tweets around the world, Twitter users have given their opinions on the crisis between the USA and Iran

03 Jan

#DebateEnRedes: The “#Nisman case” series revived the discussion on Twitter about the cause of his death

23 Dec

#DebateEnRedes: Like on the streets, Twitter was the stage for the disapproval

20 Dec

#DebateEnRedes: In parallel with the Senate, the “economic emergency law” is being discussed on Twitter

19 Dec

#DebateEnRedes: The discussion on Twitter about the new executive office and the activity of the new officers on the social network

13 Dec

#DebateEnRedes: “#ArgentinaUnida” was the most used hashtag on Twitter to talk about the inauguration of Alberto Fernández as president of Argentina

09 Dec

#DebateEnRedes: Macri’s speech in a national network transmission was discussed in his Twitter aftermath

09 Dec

#DebateEnRedes: The discussion about whether to broadcast the investigation of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner became popular on Twitter

04 Jan

Attacks as trends. The strategy of the semi-bots

04 Dec

#DebateEnRedes: What is known about these accounts which influence Argentinian politics on Twitter

30 Nov

A method to getting scared: the spread of 21/22N in Cali and in Bogotá

28 Nov

#DebateEnRedes: The tweet in which Iván Duque mourns the death of the young man hit by a police gunshot had the most replies in Argentina

26 Nov

#DebateEnRedes: In the midst of the rape report against Alperovich, #NoNosCallamosMás became a trend

26 Nov

#DebateEnRedes:‌ How to interpret the election results was a key topic in the conversation on Twitter about #eleccionesuruguay

22 Nov

#Cacerolazo: a national song that invaded social networks

21 Nov

#DebateEnRedes:‌ The protocol on abortion has divided Twitter users, even within Cambiemos

20 Nov

#DebateEnRedes: Aggression against Argentinian journalists in Bolivia prompted 50 thousand tweets in 24 hours

19 Nov

#DebateEnRedes: What has been discussed on Twitter around Braian Gallo, head of a polling station in Moreno who was discriminated?

12 Nov

#DebateEnRedes: How the subject “dollar” affected the web between the primary (PASO) and the general elections

11 Nov

#DebateEnRedes: 38% of the tweets in Argentina about Bolivia included the word “coup”

08 Nov

With the fall of the Minister of Defense, Uribe supporters turn to Facebook for solace

08 Nov

#DebateEnRedes: in 24 hours, there were more than 41 thousand tweets with the hashtag #LulaLivre

08 Nov

#DebateEnRedes: Why is it difficult to enforce the electoral prohibition on social networks?

07 Nov

#DebateEnRedes: The two tickets running for the election produced more publications on Facebook, but generated more interactions on Instagram

31 Oct

#DebateEnRedes: Brazil was the country which commented the most on Twitter about the Argentinian presidential election

31 Oct

#DebateEnRedes: Elisa Carrió’s celebration of the “victories” in the Nations and in the City was the most retweeted message regarding the elections in Buenos Aires

29 Oct

#DebateEnRedes: The discussion about the elections in Buenos Aires reached its peak with Kicillof’s speech and the economy in the Province

29 Oct

#DebateEnRedes: During the elections, the most shared tweet was posted by a fake account of former president CFK

25 Oct

You shall know them by their #s: the last anxieties of the candidates

25 Oct

#DebateEnRedes: how are the Chile protests being discussed on Twitter in Argentina?

24 Oct

#DebateEnRedes: Del Caño was the most Googled candidate during the second debate

23 Oct

#DebateEnRedes: the most discussed themes of the presidential debate on Twitter Argentina were Employment, Infrastructure and Security

22 Oct

#DebateEnRedes: 94% of the tweets about the second presidential debate were for or against “Alberto”, and 48% were for or against “Macri”

20 Oct

#MeDecidíPorClaudia vs. Petro: the pending debate about the power of women

20 Oct

#DebateEnRedes: Economy and Finance was the most commented topic on Twitter about the first presidential debate, and Macri was the most mentioned

19 Oct

#DebateEnRedes: the hashtag promoted by Lammens was the most popular on Twitter during the debate in Buenos Aires

14 Oct

The #RappiFuga: Char and Gerlein go unnoticed by the radar