Monitoramento do debate público nas redes sociais na América Latina.

The Digital Democracy Room by FGV ECMI is am initiative to monitor and analyze the public debate on the internet and to combat disinformation strategies that threaten the fairness of political-electoral processes, seeking to strengthen democratic institutions.

The project has analyzed public policy discussions, electoral topics and attempts to manipulate the political process since 2018, using its own methodology, which has become a global model. Along the way, the project was expanded to Latin America, with partners in 6 more countries in addition to Brazil, and began to explore Brazilian regions closely with local partners.

The project began at FGV DAPP, currently one of the laboratories at the School of Communication, Media and Information of Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV ECMI). FGV DAPP was created in 2012 and has established itself as a benchmark in the Brazilian scenario for research and analysis based on the use of social networks, open data and interdisciplinary knowledge.

FGV ECMI was born out of this combination of expertise. A pioneer in developing the new profile of professionals that will work in strategic communication sectors of public institutions, private companies and third sector organizations. The School combines the tradition of FGV and the extensive experience of FGV DAPP in the application of Technology and Data Science to innovate and propose solutions in the field of Digital Communication.